8 oct. 2013

Celia Burgos

This summer I had the great pleasure to spend some days first with Inma and the week after with Celia in my adopted Galicia. I first had the intention to share a portrait of Celia I made last year in Zaragoza (De vuelta IV) but when reviewed the leporello I discovered that poor Inma was to close to cut her of the sketch and was drawn with far less mercy. But I think the good girl has quite enough for some weeks. So here is Celia in Rábade, as many people here told me: the ugliest village in Galicia.
I also noted that good looking people are more likely to fall victim to this category in my sketches - In the last two years or so I sketched Patrizia f. e. whenever we met and all sketches would fit snuggly in this blog ...

2 comentarios:

  1. Pues si mola muchísimo este retrato! I love your brushes with or without mercy! ;D

  2. Hey, I want to see those portraits here, Isa !