28 nov. 2013

Portraits of the "Rendez-vous"

We had great moments in Clermont-Ferrand (France) during the "Rendez vous du Carnet de Voyage" (the international sketchbook fair), and it was the opportunity to sketch some fellow USK and to have beers.
Luis Ruiz, Swasky and Santi Salles

Richard, a French one

Sonia Aguera, from Madrid

Maria (1h30 to draw her hair)

Lapin and his new haircut.

Marc (married to an USK, from Belgium)

Cato, from Belgium. 
Hope to meet you there next year!

Compañeros de trabajo

Nire lankide Carlos Olaetxea by josu maroto

Mi compañero de trabajo, el arqueólogo en una reunión. Compañeros para esto!!!

bic ball point pen+pentel brush

27 nov. 2013

Our friend, the Prince of Spain.

Felipe in the welcome speech of Congress of the Spanish Language in Panamá.

26 nov. 2013


Mi madre, con sus gafas anaranjadas, nos recuerda a John Lennon. 

My mother with orange glasses.At home we think she looks like John Lennon. 

23 nov. 2013

Even the cars without mercy...


At the sketchbooks fair, Clermont-Ferrand (France) with Tazab, Lapin, Cat Gout, Fabien Denoël and even the Michelin centipede. I've been respectful to Gérard Michel though !

14 nov. 2013

Drawing Strangers.

Julia Kay's Portrait Party has been the best thing that has happened to me in a while. I know it's drawing strangers, but that makes it almost more fun (definitely less stressful) than drawing people you know!

I have been learning about my "style", or lack-there-of... And drawing what I see. Which is sometimes most definitely different than what others see!

I love drawing each and every one of someone's wrinkles. It really brings out the character of a person, don't you think? It also makes such drawing much more interesting to look at! 

And it was a girl, no more than eleven years ...

13 nov. 2013


Without mercy but with love: My husband.

Sin piedad , pero con cariño : mi marido

4 nov. 2013

Should He Divorce Me?

Maybe he should divorce me? Though, it does portray his likeness quite well!! Nah, he'd never divorce me over a terrible portrait. He says it looks better than photos taken of him.

I did this portrait this summer before PWOM (Yeah, I gave it an acronym, can I do that?) was a blog. Husband is quite often sitting with his computer like this. So it is a good way to sketch him, though, he seems to wiggle quite often!

I can't wait to show you some others soon!  

The portuguese urbansketcher

Vicente Sardinha fell asleep for five minutes, enough time to be drawn without mercy, perhaps a couple of times...