30 sept. 2013

Lapin & Gerard Michel drawing in Barcelona without Mercy.

eclecticbox (again) protrayed without mercy in huesca by lapin

portraits without mercy: cesar
I just mind that I've got plenty of merciless portraits while fishing for my first entry here, but I especially like that one ;)

thanks eclecticbox for the invitation to the party, and beware to all of you next time we'll meet!

Eclecticbox protrayed without mercy in Barcelona by Sagar

our host while planning to make the blog.


Last summer spanish sketchers met in Huesca for the yearly course "De vuelta con el cuaderno". The great drawer and designer Mariscal gave us a presentation with plenty of conceit so I drew him as one of his famous characters...

2x1: Sagar and Álvaro, no mercy

Looking for some no mercy portraits in the family album...
Clermont-Ferrand, November 2012. The Rendez-vous is over and we are tired. Well, not all of us: Sagar still manages to draw after dinner, and I draw him too. Álvaro however is falling asleep...

And one more portrait of... Inma!

I loved the idea of this blog at first sight! Finally there is a place for my totally "without mercy" portraits! I love sketching people the most. The problem is that I don't know to flatter them, in other words, sometimes I afraid to show them their portraits, that's why sketching strangers is the best!
I have a lot  "without mercy" portraits in my sketchbooks, but I can't help myself not showing first... Inma's portrait, of course!
Inma is busy sketching me
during Inma's great workshop, Miguel is translating

Self- Portrait without mercy

                                                   Inma Serrano by Inma Serrano

Following with the unending theme I have long been working on a self-portraits-sketchbook project called ´cause I have not a Grandma.

I try to sketch myself almost every day (not always I can).

And, of course, every day I look at myself in a different way.

Actually, there are lot of days that my face has a portrait "without mercy"...

...But sometimes the problem is not my face... are my hand or my head which have no mercy with my face...

Here is an example of a self-portrait without mercy.

A portrait fighting

Here it is my first portrait with no mercy. Usually I do this way, so for me it is quite easy to upload some of them. He is Santi Sallés while he was drawing myself. We were on the AVE coming back from Girona's drawing meeting with the USk Girona's people.

Santi Sallés

Inma sleeping - again

... not just someone but two =)
[and she waggled her head while slepping - but her hands over the belly never changed]

29 sept. 2013

Big foot!

Portrait from a nice lady, with her long and wide feet into a plastic bowl, filled with hot water for a nails job.
Due privacy reasons I can not identify this lady, because I can lose the right for inheritance, but I can let a clue: it is an immediate family member, and it is not my father...

Inma Serrano portrayed without mercy in Huesca by Aurora Villaviejas

It is not a good idea to fall asleep when someone has a pencil in her hand...

Aurora Villaviejas protrayed without mercy in Sevilla by Inma Serrano

Inma Serranito portrayed without mercy during the 2013 Usk Symposium in Barcelona

Portraits without Mercy [The Origins]

Everything started with this image:

antonio & miguel
Image source: http://les-calepins-de-lapin.blogspot.com.es/2012/10/antonio-miguel.html

French illustrator based in Barcelona Lapin generated the first spark portraying a couple of sketchers during a drawing session around ¨Los Encantes¨ (a well known flea market of the city). The accuracy on the expressions of the portrayed struck me and somehow it stayed in the back of my mind. Although they weren't caricatures, neither were typical or kind portraits.

Later on I realised how many portraits, intentionally or not, had this lack of compassion towards the portrayed and how sometimes would also capture a particularly unique and personal facial (or body) expression. After doing one myself (heavily inspired by Lapin's drawing) during the 2013 Usk Symposium in Barcelona, and seeing so many other portraits of this kind in some more sketchers' sketchbooks. I came up with the name for this new type of portraits...¨Portraits without Mercy"... it was a matter of time to finally start this blog.

With the aim of capturing that fine line of detail of the human uniqueness and without any intention of offending anyone... Ladies and gentlemen... it's open season everyone!!!