3 oct. 2013

A new challenge for myself!

Well… this is a BIG step for me to post to this blog but I just have to share how much the concept of this blog has already inspired me.

I always want to draw people but fear of what my loose lines will do to a persons character is a bit frightening. Somehow this has prevented me from trying but whenever I do try I enjoy it....crazy I know. So.... when I saw Inma's self portrait with mercy book I knew what I was going to do.

I picked up an old small sketchbook (in which I tried to draw people in the past) and have decided that no matter what my mood or what the outcome I am going to have fun drawing self portraits of myself WITHOUT MERCY!

I am already having fun and lots of it!!!... and fun means I want to do it more and doing it more means that I want to improve and know better where to improve and what to research….  (you can see the problems I have when I start worrying about doing it properly - example No. 1)

Also the idea is to write a few personal thoughts each day too (not included in this scan) things I wouldn't normally write in my daily sketchbook.

So stay tuned as I start a new and exciting adventure!!!
BTW I think that without mercy = no fear!

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