30 sept. 2013

Self- Portrait without mercy

                                                   Inma Serrano by Inma Serrano

Following with the unending theme I have long been working on a self-portraits-sketchbook project called ´cause I have not a Grandma.

I try to sketch myself almost every day (not always I can).

And, of course, every day I look at myself in a different way.

Actually, there are lot of days that my face has a portrait "without mercy"...

...But sometimes the problem is not my face... are my hand or my head which have no mercy with my face...

Here is an example of a self-portrait without mercy.

8 comentarios:

  1. What a great idea! I want to make self-portraits-sketchbook too! love your fluid expressive lines, wonderful portrait, Inma! (are you crying? 40 is the best age, for my opinion!)

  2. It is really incredible Inma, so powerfull.

  3. Wonderful Inma!!! That's the spirit!!! Loved to hear that you have plenty of material to share with us daily if it's the case!!!

  4. I am looking forward to see that sketchbook!!

  5. 40's are far for me. Just two years... Ouch!

  6. 'cause I have not a grandma... gotta love this project!!
    Waiting for more!

  7. Love the idea! And this sketch looks amazing. Gotta start one of my own!