30 sept. 2013

And one more portrait of... Inma!

I loved the idea of this blog at first sight! Finally there is a place for my totally "without mercy" portraits! I love sketching people the most. The problem is that I don't know to flatter them, in other words, sometimes I afraid to show them their portraits, that's why sketching strangers is the best!
I have a lot  "without mercy" portraits in my sketchbooks, but I can't help myself not showing first... Inma's portrait, of course!
Inma is busy sketching me
during Inma's great workshop, Miguel is translating

9 comentarios:

  1. Hehehe!!! Another great contributor for this blog opens fire with extreme accuracy!!!
    Glad to have you with us Marina

  2. Great drawings! No mercy to men is easier than to women

  3. i adore your work Marina, you are the best!
    tambien puedo escribir lo en espaniol.. :)

  4. thank you all, dear friends! it's going to be fun!